Saturday, 27 December 2008

Cat Flu takes it's toll

Just an update on what has been happening here.

A few weeks ago all the cats got cat flu, starting with Pickles. Both Kashka and Tugger managed to pull themselves through it but Pickles has succumbed. In the middle of one night, she took herself off and didn't come home.

The children found it difficult to understand why cats take themselves away to die, when it is warmer and cosier inside. We are so pleased that the kitten recovered, as that would have been so much harder to come to terms with.

It was lovely yesterday watching him run round the garden with next door's kitten, chasing the rabbit. She is still bigger than him and chases him too.

Friday, 12 December 2008

I want company

Even being on the computer will not keep Tugger away. If he can't get to my lap, he'll sit on my arms. At least he is still too light not to press any of the buttons when he walks over the keyboard! It is quite amusing teasing him with the pointer on the screen though.