Tuesday, 18 May 2010

He's back

Tugger is back.  The fitting and twitching has stopped and he is more himself, but not quite.  He is still very unsteady on his legs which is quite amusing, though it means he is very noisy when he is moving around.  Cupboard doors and the floor seem to surprise him at awkward moments.
You can just about see where his ruff was shaved under his chins, presumably for administration of drugs and the drip.  You can't see the bit on his leg that was shaved for the blood tests.

What the photos don't show, is the constant miaowing because he wants to go out.  He is grounded for a few days, and he doesn't like it.  He spent the night going and scratching at the cat flap at regular intervals trying to get out.  With the dog and two other cats, it's going to be interesting trying to keep him in, especially as the boys are so used to going out and leaving the door open.  Where are the sedatives when you need them!

Think Tugger might just have found the perfect thing, his new cat nip pouch!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Tugger is in hospital

I think it is a pet owners worst nightmare, coming in to see them having a fit.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up, there was an almighty bang from J's bedroom and then it sounded like things were being thrown across the room.  I might not have taken any notice, but the boys hadn't come back from a sleepover.

I found Tugger having a fit, and the poor little might was terrified.  Once the worst was over, he continued with the shakes, but he purred the whole time I was with him.

The vet came and took him to be hospitalised.  He suspects he has been poisoned, not necessarily on purpose.  He has been given several doses of sedative, and though the shakes have diminished, they were still there.  Tugger was also on a drip to give him fluids.  As of yesterday, there was no damage to his kidneys.

I have to wait until later this morning for a further update, but I didn't half miss waking up to him at the bottom of the bed this morning.