Sunday, 23 November 2008

Can we all join in?

Here is Tugger deciding if the bath is a good place to swim! Yes it was full, and occupied, and the water far too hot for a little kittie.

I think we have found ourselves another cat that likes water. I just hope when he does jump in, the water will be cool enough not to burn him.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

You know it's cold when...........

The cat has to wrap herself in the duvet!

And no, this wasn't set up for a photo. Kasha took herself off this morning and this is how D found her when he came home at lunchtime.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Just what has she got under there

The other night it was a bit chilly before I went to bed, so I made myself a hot water bottle. Then I decided there was something on television I wanted to watch first, so it I put it under the blanket. Tugger was not sure what to make of it at all!
There's something strange under there, it moves and makes a gurgling noise?
Wonder what happens if I jump on it?

It's warm, and wobbly, and it's gurgling!

Shall I kill it or help her with her cross stitch?

My new toy

We had to go and get food supplies for our animals the other day, and I was feeling generous. I bought Tugger a new toy.

It is a furry mouse, filled with catnip and has feathers attached near the tail.

It was an instant success. He managed to knock over the clothes airer in the process of "killing" this mouse.
He throws it up in the air and pounces on it. Within twelve hours, it had lost one of it's feathers. This morning, he was sat under the table growling at D's foot to make sure no one was going to take away his toy.

Monday, 10 November 2008

A renaming ceremony

Well, yesterday the boys were given a biology lesson in the anatomy of a cat.

I was enjoying a cuddle with Bella, our new kitty, yesterday and my suspicions of the week were confirmed. Bella wasn't a Bella at all and has lived for three months with a mistaken identity. She was most definitely a he.

When I informed D, he asked how I knew. Nothing like real biology.

After an evening of shock, we spent this morning trying to think of another name for it-I didn't want a boy cat! I've had a week to fall in love with this cat so we did get a name and he will be staying.

Bella has now become Rum Tum Tugger, or Tugger for short. How can you tell my son's favourite video is Cats the Musical.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

My favourite waste of time

Do you think someone is telling me to stop knitting?
I must admit, sitting stroking or playing with her is taking up quite a bit of time, but who can resist.

Nipper Shedding

This is the first time we have witnessed Nipper shedding. He has always buried himself before and it was a most fascinating thing to watch. This picture shows him on his back, pulling his legs out of the old skin. For a very long time, he was just laying on his back, so long in fact, we thought he had died. All of a sudden, he drew back his legs, and flipped himself right side up. It was just like a spring.

He is not fully mobile yet, he is still "drying" out and getting the stability and colour back to his limbs.

There has been noticeable growth to his hairs and the colour is fantastic. As soon as he comes out of his hammock web and moves around, I hope to get a picture of him in all his new splendour.

Uneasy Truce

These pictures were taken when Bella had been in the house for less than twenty four hours. At first, Kashka wasn't at all happy, but after a while, she settled and even purred.
I have even had both cats on the bed at night time, though Kashka is not entirely happy with being pounced on when she's trying to sleep. I can't say I am either.
We even had all three cats feeding from the same tray last night, all at the same time. Each have their own bowls, although Bella tends to go from one bowl to another.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

I like yogurt

After this she had to wash her eyebrow whiskers as they were covered in yogurt.

She couldn't resist going back to check if she had missed some.
In fact, she liked it so much she got her head stuck in the pot. She wasn't impressed that the three of us burst out laughing at the sight of the pot walking around the room.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


We have a new arrival to our family today. This is Bella (short for Grizabella from Cats). I am pleased to say she was very well mannered whilst I was stitching.
Well, almost... but I suppose no kitty can keep it up forever. Here she is getting ready to grab with her paws.

She is absolutely adorable, has really striking markings especially on her legs, and is so affectionate.