Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Bed

Pickles seems to have found a new bed. I found out by being given the shock of my life.

As the boys are away, it is very quiet here. Last night, I went to make myself a cuppa, and as I turned to the bin, Pickles jumped out of the washing machine. To say she made me jump is an understatement. I didn't quite scream, but it wasn't far off. After being fed, she was back in.

Computer Literate Kitty

Twice I had to throw Kashka off last night. Not sure if she was sat there to stop me from going on the laptop, or if it was somewhere warm to sit. Not much fun when she changes all the settings.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


George can't fit through this tube, but he has taken to sitting on the top.
He looks lovely perched up there, right at the top of the cage, but once he falls asleep......
He quite often falls off.
George is quite a show off. Once I took the photo of him sat here, he came down and stuck his face right in front of the camera. Maybe he thought there was food in it for him.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Approval given

Well, it didn't take long for Kashka to stake her claim on this chair.

This is a Parker Knowle chair I inherited from my mum. Not long before she died, she took off all the old varnish and rewaxed the wood. Then she recovered the cushion and reupholstered the back.

I is a really comfortable chair to sit on, and especially with a bad back, it gives support in the right places.

I was only reunited with this chair Saturday afternoon, and as soon as she came in, Kashka was up on there and treating it as her own.

I beat her to it tonight, yippee!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Curious Bedfellows

This morning Pickles was making the most of the sun shining in through the window. She was having a funny five minutes dragging herself around the floor and miaowing at anyone that would listen.
That must have been so exhausting, as when we were eating breakfast we noticed her with the tarantula! It looks as if she is watching him, but her eyes are closed.
Since we have moved the furniture, she seems to have made this her chosen sleeping place. I am just worried that one morning she will have stretched out and knocked Nipper off!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Tickle my chin

Sometimes a cat just has to have attention. I was trying desparately to get this jumper knitted but Kashka wasn't taking no for an answer. She was going to sit on my lap, no matter what.

As you can see from the photo, they way she sat on me meant that the yarn was running under chin

The automatic chin tickler was created. Every time I knitted a stitch and the yarn pulled, it tickled her chinAfter a couple of minutes though, she grabbed hold of my hand in her paws to give her proper attention. Cats like children, just have to have undivided attention!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Well, the boys wanted to watch the opening ceremony to the Olympics today. I'm not sure they were expecting it to last the four hours that it went on for.

This was the effect it had on Misty the rat. By the time the parade of the olympians had taken place, she was curled up in a ball fast asleep in the crook of D's arm. She didn't even wake to the click of the camera.

A New Ornament

I have a glass display cabinet for old china and other treasures. Last night there was a new treasure on display.

This time, it was a living ornament. Kashka decided it was a good place to nap. Of course, as soon as I went to take a photo. she sat up for a tickle under the chin.

In truth, I think it gives her a feeling of superiority over everyone else as she is on a higher level. It's a cat thing!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mexican Red Rump

Nipper is certainly beginning to live up to his name-Mexican Red Rump Tarantula. This is the view we get when he is hiding. Now with the size he is, sat across the other side of the room, we see this rump backing out of his hole. It looks really comical.
This last shed has made a big difference to his colour. This is the most pronounced the red has ever been.
D has put in a request that I embroider a picture of Nipper. Not sure I am up to that challenge yet.