Thursday, 7 August 2008

Mexican Red Rump

Nipper is certainly beginning to live up to his name-Mexican Red Rump Tarantula. This is the view we get when he is hiding. Now with the size he is, sat across the other side of the room, we see this rump backing out of his hole. It looks really comical.
This last shed has made a big difference to his colour. This is the most pronounced the red has ever been.
D has put in a request that I embroider a picture of Nipper. Not sure I am up to that challenge yet.


Anonymous said...

Although I was not a big fan of spiders (till recently) I find Mr. Nipper f a s c i n a t i n g !

Miss 376 said...

In normal circumstances, I hate spiders but right from the start, Nipper has fascinated me. He has really changed after this molt, he has been earth moving the last couple of days, we spend a lot of time just watching him