Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Not for Arachnophobes!

As promised, here are some pictures of Nipper after his shed. Here he is in his tank and as you can see, he is going to have to move to bigger premises.

I have been looking on the internet and have found him a new tank and within a couple of weeks we hope to move him. Any volunteers to help?

This photo is not very focused, not helped by trying to take it through the side of the tank. You can see how hairy he has become. These hairs are getting redder with each shed and he is now living up to his name-Mexican Red Rump. This photo is a lot clearer. I can't get over how thick his legs are getting. Or over how big the crickets we have to buy for him now!
Nipper can move extremely quickly when he wants, but he looks really comical when he is slowly backing himself out of his hole.


Anonymous said...

Where on earth did you get him?

How is his personality?

Miss 376 said...

One of the boys was given him by the partner of someone I used to work with. He was a spiderling then, no bigger than my thumbnail.
Mexican Red Rumps are not the friendliest of spiders, this one won't be for handling. It's funny, I don't like spiders but I can cope with him in his tank, but when he is out.....and he can move so quickly!

Jid said...

Good looking spider.We had a male that lived for two and a half years and wasnt handled regularly.Although when we did get him out his behaviour was very docile and he loved exploring.I'm looking for a new one at the moment,or possibly a breeding pair :)