Saturday, 12 July 2008

The Great British Summer

Pickles has always been an outdoor cat in the summer, usually only coming in to be fed. However, it doesn't seem to have registered with her that it is summer.

As you can see, she has found herself a draught-free cardboard box! Glad it's not only me that thinks it's a bit cool for July.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Its super hot and humid over here, I'll send you some of that rotten weather!!!!

Everytime I think of Sheffield I think of my all time favourite movie "The Full Monty," I have seen it dozens of times and I still nearly pee myself laughing.......

Gill from Canada

Miss 376 said...

I'll gladly share some of the rain we have had too.

Some films never lose their appeal,do they

Anonymous said...

No some films don't...the Full Monty being one of them!

Puh-leeeeze send some rain to those of us in Texas! It is so H*O*T here! Even the cockroaches are too lazy to move! LOLOL!!!

By the by, love the pic of your kitty....what a sweetie!