Friday, 4 July 2008

Think I Can Take A HInt

Cats can certainly pick their places to curl up. I was sat last night minding my own business and making the most of the peace and quiet to do some cross stitch. Kashka obviously had other ideas.

Here, as you can see, she has not only sat on my threads, she is sitting on the pattern and has no intention to move. I think she is telling I ought to be going to bed.

Maybe Pickles can get her to move. Up she jumps on the arm of the chair and so starts the hissing match. Almost as if Pickles is saying "she was my mum before she was yours"!

After a few minutes there was an uneasy truce, but that tail was twitching and Pickles was asking for trouble. Kashka must have been a angel cat last night though, she didn't give it a second look.

Maybe these cats will surprise me one day and end up sitting together without killing each other.


Barefoot Needlepoint Designs said...

Awww, seeing your babies makes me miss having a cat in the house (though I'd never admit that in front of the puppy!) What cuties!

Miss 376 said...

My boys would love a dog, but I've told them they have to wait for the cats to go-could be some time