Monday, 21 July 2008

Welcome Home

Misty our rat seemed really pleased that the boys were home. I had her out while the boys were away and she was very subdued. The boys got her out, and the whiskers are all quivering and she is running from one to another. It was really nice to see.

D seems to have a special relationship with her. I couldn't get a picture as D was sitting on my phone, but just before these pictures were taken, the rat was sat on his head having a wash. She looked really sweet.

She was quite happy sat on his head, gave her a good position to see what was going on.


Anonymous said...

These are such cute pics! I have never had a rat as a member of the family (not the 4-legged kind) it like having a rabbit?

Miss 376 said...

They are friendlier than rabbits, very intelligent and Misty is so gentle too.