Thursday, 10 July 2008

Looking for me?

I had the fright of my life the other morning. D had Misty the rat out but had to go upstairs to get ready to go out, so he left her with me.

Now most of the time she will wrap herself up in my hair and stay on my shoulder. I was concentrating on doing things on the computer so I wasn't really aware what the rat was doing. After a couple of minutes it registered that she was no longer on my shoulder.

I looked under the cushion behind me but there was no sign of the rat.

Now, when there are two cats living in the house, and no sign of the rat you begin to panic. I shouted up the stairs to the boys to check they didn't have her, and as they didn't went back to check the settee.

I looked all across the back of the settee as she likes to run across there, but there was no sign. By this time the boys had joined in the search. We lifted the cushion and out popped Misty. She had gone right under the seat of the settee.

She looks as if she was saying, "are you looking for me?"

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