Saturday, 26 July 2008

Domestic Bliss

I love to see cats cuddled up together in harmony. It wasn't something I wouldn't have expected to see in our home after Mittens died, but I loved this today.

Not much chance of these two arguing!

With the sun out, we are now seeing more of the fish in the pond. The five that we bought have grown which is good to see, but we have discovered that there were four already in the pond.

We now have the five goldfish we bought plus an existing gold fish , a gold and black fish, a silvery one and a black fish. It's been great watching them bask at the top of the pond.

The boys are now eagerly awaiting babies.


Anonymous said...


Nope, I guess there is not much chance of the two kitties fighting!

That is way too cute!

bM said...

aw, so very sweet! i love opportune moments like that