Sunday, 15 August 2010

Five Weeks

Mum has moved them twice this week, into DS1's room and then into DS2's room.  It is making finding them very interesting.

This is the excuse DS2 has been waiting for all his life, not to pick up clothes and tidy his bedroom.  Apparently, it makes for the perfect snugly kitty bed!

These two are the ones that really enjoy grown up food, in fact, the one on the right can get very protective of the scraps that are left.

Apart from one puddle, they have all worked out how to use the tray.  They have found it can have more than just it's proper use.  It's great for fighting in, and on the odd occasion, for sleeping in!

And then they do what they do best-play
Everything and everyone is a target.  The only way to protect my legs, is to get up on the bed.  What will I do when they've worked out how to get up there?

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Anonymous said...

That third photo....ah, that's my little one...the others are cute, but this one has stolen my heart!