Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A Helping Paw

Why is it that whenever you want to do something, the cat has to sit on it.

This was the second mat I was trying to make. Kashka had already sat on the first one, so I moved it out of the way, then spread the fabric to cut for the second one, and lo and behold...she sat on it while I was cutting.
And if I dared complain, she looks up all innocent, but I got my revenge. She moved pretty quickly once the sewing machine was running!
It didn't stop her trying to help with my knitting later though!


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie to want to help her mum! She looks just like my Panda-Kat!

Quirky said...

They like to think they can have their way with everything don't they?

Susan said...

She looks like my Hannah!