Sunday, 14 September 2008

We've moved

Well this week seems to be the week for animals moving home. We found last week, with the direction the weather was coming from, that the wind was blowing the rain straight into the rabbit and guinea pig cages. This made for a very soggy home and with the winter coming we needed to move them.
It was all made a little bit easier as our landlord moved his bike out of the garage last weekend so we had some more space.
Yesterday afternoon, J and I sorted a space just inside the back of the garage and got rid of some more rubbish-where does it all come from? Once that was done, we were able to move the hutches.
The back of the garage is open, so this means the rabbit and guinea pigs will get plenty of fresh air, but they are protected from the wind and rain by the side of the house. Best of both worlds.
The Dusty had a lovely couple of hours hopping around the garden, and Lucy and Megan enjoyed a bit of indoor time whilst the hutches were cleaned out and fresh bedding put down. I think they are all happy back in their clean and dry homes.
Now every time I open the back door I can see them, and the guinea pigs take great delight in squeaking at me. They boys are happier too, they won't get wet when they have to go out to feed them.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they love their new crib! It looks s-weeeet to me!