Thursday, 11 September 2008

Nipper has a new home

Last week we bought Nipper a new tank, but the reptile shop didn't have the compost we needed. We went back Wednesday and bought the compost, a resin rock for Nipper to hide in, and some crickets.

D soaked the peat block in water. Once all the water had been soaked up, he crumbled up the peat and spread it over to cover the base of the tank.

Nipper was so tied up in his web, we decided we would let him crawl from one tank to another himself. After putting in some fresh crickets, we placed the smaller tank inside the larger one and then replaced the lid.
We left Nipper overnight to make the move. Generally he is more active at night so we are hoping he will explore the new surroundings on his own. We will then take out the smaller tank.

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