Saturday, 7 June 2008

Cosy Beds

Well, I thought I had restuffed this bean bag for the children, but obviously I was wrong. Seems to make the perfect cat bed. This is where I left Kashka when I went to bed last night. Trust a cat to find someone cosy to sleep.

Since Nipper the tarantula has shed, he has been busy rearranging his home. As you can see from the photo he has been busy making his burrow bigger, and it is a lot larger than before. All the earth that has been moved and held in place with web. It is fascinating to watch the spider take the time and effort to move it all into place.

Tarantulas don't drink as such and the atmosphere within the tank has to be kept humid. The spider itself does not like to be wet, so we spray in the soil to keep it moist. This is usually the time we put in new crickets as necessary. The picture below shows Nipper's dinner.

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