Sunday, 15 June 2008

A Day of Ups and Downs

As you can see, Misty has settled well into her house, in fact I thought she was too settled this morning. She usually comes out to say hello, but this morning she didn't move and was very subdued even when I took her out. She just sat on my shoulder and didn't move. That is until she decided to relieve herself, all down my front! I let her go back home.

Later on, the rat was her usual inquisitive self so I think she just didn't appreciate getting up at 5 am!

Meanwhile you can see that Kashka has taken over Pickles place by the chinchilla cage. George didn't seem bothered by the cat at all.

As the boys were away, I thought I'd make the most of the peace and quiet and do some knitting. Pickles came and sat by me, but it looked as if I was getting the cold shoulder. She had her back to me.

She did turn round and face me a little while later. It was quite amusing as she soon had her head down and was in the world of cat dreams. Her feet and whiskers were twitching. Wonder who or what she was chasing?

Pickles didn't even take any notice of the hamster I was nursing. Bertie looks really poorly and I don't think she will last the night. I've had her sat with me most of the day. She has been a lovely little hamster and I'm going to miss her amusing antics.

This evening, when the boys returned, they brought the rabbit and guinea pigs with them. I haven't seen them for nearly six months and they have grown so much.

This is Dusty. She is a lion head rabbit and as she gets older she should develop a mane. She does have a small one, but I am sure it gets bigger.

This is Lucy and Megan the guinea pigs. They always used to squeak when they heard me in the kitchen as they knew it meant treats. Looking forward to the rabbit and the guinea pigs eating all my veggie offcuts. Hamsters, rats and chinchillas only eat them in small amounts. The rabbit and guinea pigs devour it.

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