Thursday, 5 June 2008


This is Kashka-pronounced Koshka-which is Russian for cat! Better it's in Russian, don't fancy calling up the street "cat" all the time.

We inherited Kashka with the house when we moved in. She belongs to our landlord and he hadn't wanted to unsettle her by moving her to a house full of dogs. She is about the same age as our cat, Pickles.

Kashka is quite a timid cat. She doesn't like noise, sudden movements or strangers. I was very fortunate to be accepted on our first meeting. I managed to get a purr from her on our first introduction and after a couple of visits, she would eat while I was still in the kitchen. It only took a few weeks after we moved in, for her and Pickles to eat at the same time.

Though both cats seem to a have accepted the presence of each other, they do have the occassional spat. Don't think I will ever see them cuddled up together.

Although Kashka tends to keep herself apart from us all, most evenings she will come and sit with me, almost tearing my legs apart as she kneads her paws on me. She can be a most affectionate cat.

She has one strange habit though, she has a fascination with toes, she just seems to have to lick them. Yuck.

I have never seen her kill a mouse, but I have had several sleepless nights as I have had to try and catch the field mice she brings in. Always in the night, she brings them to me and chases them all round my bedroom. Don't you just love cats.
Do wonder what she thinks when her gifts disappear from under her nose. And I don't expect it will be the last time I will be rewarded with such a gift.

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