Thursday, 12 June 2008


George the chinchilla was on his travels this morning. He is getting very good at sneaking out of the front room and up the stairs before anyone notices he is missing.

I was upstairs sorting out something in the bedroom and I heard a tic tic on the wooden floor. The flash of the tail and the look on Kasha's face told me it was George.

With a little persuasion he went downstairs. Actually, it was as soon as I tried to get a photo of him. Unless he is in his cage, it is so hard to get his picture. Chinchillas move so fast, more often than not, I get a picture of the floor! However, today, I was sat on the stairs and managed to get a picture of George coming back up the stairs.

Misty the rat also had a treat today.

We had to go out this afternoon. Whilst out, we bought a new house for the rat cage. It is a log cabin. The boys were surprised when they open the box as they found it was all in pieces and they had to fit it together.

It didn't take long, and Misty lost no time in exploring her new home.

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