Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Enter If You Dare

This is the hole under which Nipper the tarantula has his burrow. It is only after his last shed that Nipper has had two entrances.

Most mornings I spray his tank with water. This morning I surprised a cricket who jumped from under a piece of bark straight into this hole. There was a small earthquake and the cricket hopped no more.

We have seen the spider eating crickets, but never seen him catch them. I didn't physically see it this morning, but I think this may be the closest to it I will get.

This is George after very reluctantly getting caught to go back into his cage. He had a good hour running around the front room this morning. He certainly is getting used to his surroundings as he now jumps up on the settee and walks behind the boys. The boys are also getting very good to catching George now. Definitely less stressful for all concerned.

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