Friday, 6 June 2008

Roaming Free

Most days we will let the rat and chinchilla out to have a little roam and run around. The chinchilla especially, needs the exercise and space to run around. With Misty it is for her to gain confidence and get used to being handled. She just loves the company and she's a real pleasure to handle.

As chinchillas are known to gnaw on wires, we are always watching George. He always manages to get out of the room though, and run up the stairs.

Lunchtime, the boys decided to bring trays in and prepare everything in the front room. As it was a freshly baked loaf, I had to slice it for them. After several asks, they eventually cleared everything away. However, unnoticed by us all George had turned thief.

I happened to notice a movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was chewing on a piece of bread. He had dragged it off the tray, across the floor and hidden in the corner to have a nibble.

Misty the rat is coming into her own too. What is nice is that she is putting on weight and I can no longer feel her spine poking out of her back. She had been quite skinny when she first arrived.

Here you can see how much she has grown in confidence and she is using D as her new climbing frame. Didn't seem to worry her at all as he was moving around.

She also thought she might have a go at cross stitch! Fortunately, it was only worth a sniff.

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