Friday, 27 June 2008

Daily Routine

Well the days seem to be settling into a bit of a pattern.

I clean out the chinchillas sand bowl and he comes out to stretch his legs. It's quite funny as I can just go over and open the cage and nothing happens. I go over, open the cage and take away the sand bowl, by the time I come back with fresh sand, he is coming down of the shelf and climbing out of the door.

He has a mad dash around for an hour and then the boys catch him and he goes back home.

Here you can see the effect of such exertion. Off he goes, straight back on his shelf and he plays dead.

Then out comes Dusty.

She has certainly relaxed alot. The rabbit is running or hopping all around the room, even coming up onto the settee to investigate my cross stitching.

After an hour or so, she goes back and then it is time for the vacuum to have a run round!

Misty the rat is then in and out all day. It's quite interesting to see how she behaves with each of us. If I have her, when she wants peace, she wraps herself in my hair. With the boys, she crawls inside their jumpers.

She is one of my favourite animals as she loves my homemade jam.

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